About Rose Development

About Us

Rose Development has a combined 75 years of experience in Real Estate Development with both commercial and residential real estate. We work on every aspect of the deal including underwriting, construction, acquiring and managing various types of commercial, multifamily, industrial and large-scale residential projects. Our deals have exceeded more than $1 billion in Real Estate assets.  We have brokerage licenses in the State of Utah and Nevada.

Our Team

Lyndi Rose

Executive Manager

Lead asset management activities on residential and commercial property. Managed full-service real estate brokerage firm. Responsible for all financial reporting.

Jake Gardener

Director of Marketing

Jake Gardener has spent his entire career in advertising. Starting his own marketing firm 7 years ago, Jake works with a variety of partners to place marketing dollars in the right hands. Jake focuses on developing and managing marketing programs for specific projects by supporting business objectives including crafting the right strategy to implement marketing dollars. He also works with development teams to build strategies to lead acquisitions, foster client retention, execute business development goals, provide sales support and advance brand building.